Black and White Burritos        Makes twelve       Bake 350F. 

1 cup white organic quinoa*, cooked

1 can organic black beans

1 can organic cannellini beans

1 tsp. marjoram

½ tsp. oregano

1 tsp. coriander

1 tsp. cumin

1 tsp. chili powder

¼ tsp. dry yellow mustard

3 Tbsp. organic olive oil

6 organic garlic cloves put through a garlic press

1 large organic onion, chopped small, reserve 1/4 cup

1 organic sweet red pepper, chopped small, reserve 1/3 cup

1 organic carrot, grated

Optional – one organic jalapeno, seeded, chopped fine (for those with spicy tastes), 

1/3 cup fresh organic basil, chopped fine

½ C. shredded Asiago cheese

1½ cups grated medium cheddar cheese

One dozen large (12”) organic whole-wheat tortillas


To Cook – Wash and start cooking the quinoa, see note*.

Assemble all of the measured spices – marjoram, oregano, coriander, cumin, chili powder, and dry mustard in a small bowl. Open the two cans of beans, drain the cannellini and black beans, but save the black bean water for moistening the burrito mix later. Set aside.

Grate Asiago and cheddar, place in separate bowls, cover, and refrigerate.

Press garlic. Chop onion, pepper, (and jalapeno). Setting aside ¼ cup of the onion, 1/3 cup of the sweet red pepper, (1 Tablespoon of the jalapeno) in a separate bowl. Place the rest of the onion, sweet red pepper, and (jalapeno) with the garlic on a dinner plate. Grate carrot and add to the plated vegetables.

Chop and set aside fresh basil.

Place 1 Tablespoon of oil in a large sauté pan and heat on medium until shimmering. Add herbs and spices, using a wooden spoon, stirring constantly, until fragrant, less than a minute. DO NOT BURN. Quickly add the rest of the olive oil, then the plated onion, sweet red pepper, carrot and (jalapeno). Mix well and sauté until cooked al dente.

Add black and cannellini beans, as well as basil. Constantly mix as you cook another 3-4 minutes until vegetables are done and basil is wilted, releasing its oils into the sauté.

In a large bowl place your cup of quinoa, 1 tsp. salt, and the sauté pan ingredients. Add set aside uncooked vegetables. Mix well. As it cools add all of the Asiago. Use reserved black bean water to moisten the mix if too dry.

Remove grated cheddar from refrigerator. Lay out the stack of wheat tortillas to warm up at room temperature, while you cut a dozen squares of aluminum foil. These will be rolled up around your finished burrito to freeze or store in the refrigerator and are needed when you bake the burrito in the oven.

Place one tortilla on top of the shiny side of the aluminum square. Scatter an eighth of a cup of shredded cheese on upper one third of tortilla and spread a third to half cup of the bowl mixture on top of it. (See on-line You Tube videos on how to roll a burrito, if not familiar with the process.) Roll up burrito. Wrap aluminum foil neatly around it and fold in the sides. To eat, place on a sheet pan in a 350 F. oven, and bake for 15-20 minutes.

Unwrap from foil onto plate and garnish with low fat yogurt, salsa, guacamole, and cilantro if you wish.

*To Cook Quinoa – Fill a small saucepan with one cup of water and bring to a simmer. Meanwhile place ½ cup of quinoa in a colander with a very fine mesh, using the sprayer on your kitchen sink, wash it thoroughly to clean off the saponin, which makes quinoa bitter. Run your hands through it so the water washes all grains.

Place quinoa in the gently bubbling pan water. Cook on medium-low heat for 15 minutes, not stirring, let sit for ten minutes after burner is  turned off. Fluff with a fork.

Note – Once prepped, this recipe comes together fast. Cook quinoa, chop vegetables, and grate cheeses a day ahead to make it go faster. 

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