I haven’t been to the 42nd Street Cafe in Seaview, Washington for a while. I’ve been busy with writing, testing out new recipes for you loyal readers and family visits. So I drove across the “pond”, to Washington’s Long Beach Peninsula, for lunch to celebrate my birthday.oysters

I was craving oysters, one of the treasures of Willapa Bay.  They came delicately fried in a cornmeal crust with a delicate tartar sauce redolent of light hints of rosemary and tangy capers. Accompanied with shoestring fries, the like of which I haven’t seen since my days at a soda fountain in the East, selling hamburgers for $1.50 in the late 1960’s. A cup of coleslaw dressed with a poppyseed vinaigrette accompanied the order. 

Since Blaine and Cheri Walker left the venerable Shoalwater Restaurant, they have been regaling tastebuds of the region with tasty offerings, celebratory birthday dinners, and takeout Thanksgiving Dinners at the beach. 

A visit to their Bistro in Seaview offers succulent selections of the Northwest region – from wines and brews to culinary punctuations sure to accent your visit.

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