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Jennifer Harrington Jones

The radical beginnings of Jennifer Harrington Jones ceramic student, bike racer and activist, is arrested at a nuclear power protest. Bumping into her peccadillos… read more

Building The Rainbow One Color @ a Time

Building The Rainbow

Building the Rainbow One Color @ a Time is a mysterious, serendipitous, transformative collection of episodes in an adventurous, creative, non-stop … read more

Kilned Again

In a Napa Valley winery dominos start to fall, bringing to light its connection with a widely varied cast of characters, art world intrigues, immigrant quandaries … read more

Food Porn

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Kilned Again’s teenage skateboarders rock in this mystery. A potter brings to light clandestine shenanigans in the Pacific Northwest with lush details of art, food, and environment.

L. BowmanSeattle, WA